Saturday, April 4, 2020



How is everyone doing?

Some people will be coming up to the point of developing cabin fever within the next couple of weeks as the novelty of working from home or being off school starts to wear off.
We are realising that this is not the same thing as a holiday.

Friends cannot come to visit, and we cannot go out because there's nowhere to go! Everywhere is shut. Worse still, we have no idea how long this is going to last.

Let's look on the bright side; Our earth 🌎 is breathing again, we're saving money on petrol &snacks, and we're getting very good at online quizzes!

For those who are still going to work, some are terrified.
Every time they step into a public place they can almost feel or smell "the virus".😨

My experience has not been without its intrigues.

My usual way of working has changed, probably forever.
Overall, it has confirmed what I have always believed- that many people did not really need a face to face appointment to see a doctor.

In this "Coronial" era, we have all come to appreciate that video calling is not just a fancy fad. It is also useful for examination of rashes and swellings and even assessing breathing difficulties.

Unfortunately, there will still be people whose idea of emergency or whose confusion about the role of a doctor, (especially those without a magic wand or a crystal ball) will differ.

All the doorstep clapping at 8pm on Thursdays and constant proclamation of heroism is probably contributing to the rather high expectations.

I can understand those reacting in hysteria to the current pandemic and seeking answers from me that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre for disease control  (CDC) have not been able to give. It is a very worrying time.

I am happy to Google for you or read you the latest advice as I receive it- which may be different tomorrow. For example: Does Ibuprofen increase your risk of complications from Coronavirus?
(I also seem to have missed the memo that inhalers treat Covid19- or why else is everyone requesting one, even if they have never needed one before!πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜)

I will even entertain ten minutes of solidarity rant about the unavailability of protective equipment for frontline workers even if that is all you booked an appointment for.

What I cannot do are things like telling you where to get infant formula milk or sanitary towels or paracetamol if all the usual shops have run out. Serious as it is.

I cannot also tell you whether you can start trying for a baby now and be certain that you will not get the virus and it will not affect your unconceived baby.

I can help to manage your anxiety but if the problem is that your weed supplier has coronavirus, my input is limited.

I cannot also start prescribing you sex change hormones because the online doctor (whom you have never met in person!) that was assisting you with gender change hormone injections is no longer contactable and you are now turning back to a man.

Yes, I have had every one of these....and more.
Honestly, people are having withdrawals from make-up and routines!

It might be an idea that people staying at home should get up every morning, get dressed as usual....full make up, suit and tie and all, go into your car and switch on the engine and sit there for the length of your usual morning drive. Or take a walk if you use public transport.πŸ€”

Maybe also use the time to reflect on the rare opportunity to appreciate just being human with basic needs. Spare a thought for the young lad at the supermarket or pharmacy till with no protective gear who is now worried as the disease is no longer an "old people problem", the carer taking the risky journey on the bus or train, to work at the care home looking after vulnerable people. They are heroes too!

My respect for everyone working in intensive care and emergency units around the world.

Hang in there on a prayerπŸ™

Stay safe, Stay home, Stay 2 metres away from me!