Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Sometimes I feel like the whole mental health umbrella is getting too big and everything is being shoved under it.

Take my next patient for example. He wasn't even going to waste my time, he already had his diagnosis ready. Well, his fiancee did.

"I need to be referred to the Psychiatrist for intensive therapy to cure my OCD."

 I quick-scroll his medical records. No OCD there.

"Okay....Have you been diagnosed with OCD in the past?"

"Well, my fiancee showed me this website and it's exactly how I feel."

He passes me a printed booklet.

"And what website is this from?" I ask,  hoping to hear something like or even wikipedia.

He says something like
(Not that I was going to start reading his seven page document anyhow. )

"With all due respect for your research, can we just keep this aside and you tell me what has been happening with you."

"I can't stop thinking that I have made the wrong decision proposing to my fiancee. I don't think that she's the right person for me, I am not ready to get married.

And I keep acting on these thoughts by letting her know how I am feeling but the thought doesn't go away. It has become obsessive. That's all I think about all day.

The website says it's when you can't stop thinking about something and my fiancee suggested I see a Psychiatrist to get rid of these thoughts."

On further history, his concerns are not completely unfounded. He has no job, cannot afford a wedding amongst other genuine concerns.

At this point, I am silently trying to process this information.

Why didn't they search for "I am having second thoughts about getting married. " instead of intrusive thoughts. I wonder.

 In fairness to my esteemed colleague Dr. Google, you will always find what you search for.

One day, when I am near retirement with no fear of getting struck off the medical register, I would be able to say what I really think.

Today I say the right thing still....I am professional like that.

"I don't think that you have OCD.

I think it would be a good idea to have some relationship counselling to get to the bottom of why you have doubts about your relationship. "

I signpost to him to a relationship counselling service.

As for the bride-to-be, by hook or by crook, can't blame a girl for trying 😂.