Saturday, January 26, 2019


How often do we, Christians, commit our burden to the Lord in prayer, only to subconsciously decide that we would rather bear the load ourselves, and retrieve it by worrying.

Worry leads to physical and psychological stress which in turn leads to various physical and mental health illnesses including Hypertension (raised blood pressure), Anxiety and Depression, Irritable bowel, Low self esteem,  Hair loss and Obesity amongst others.

Perhaps this analogy will paint a clearer picture:
A young woman was having a very stressful time dealing with her difficult boss at work. It was taking it's toll on her whole life and she could see no way out of keeping her job and working alongside him.

She visited her parents one weekend. They were hosting their close friends and she discovered that the company she worked for was owned by her father's friend!

She explained the difficulties she was having at work and he said to her. "Don't worry, I will sort it out."

Immediately,  she felt like a heavy sack had been physically lifted off her shoulders. Unlike previously, she enjoyed the rest of the weekend with her parents, not anxious even for a moment about the start of a new week at work. No Monday eve jitters.

That is trust. Faith. In man.

Yet, when God, whom we proclaim as the alpha and omega, tells us not to worry, we are not convinced. We need evidence. When? How?

We must learn to let go, trust God and let not our hearts be troubled.

Have a faithful and fruitful week ahead!


  1. Well said Doc. Thanks for the reminder.����

  2. When God says don't worry, He means it! Thanks for the reminder babe